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What really strikes a chord with me about Jenna is her commitment to educate her client and cater to their specific needs. Jenna has been cutting my hair since 2019. When I first started seeing her, I had a lot of breakage and heat damage, and had no idea my regular hair habits were working against me. At every appointment since, Jenna has given me actionable steps to come back from that damage, whether it’s changes to my routine or product recommendations. Her insight is always tailored not just to my hair, but my lifestyle; I’m a mom of two young kids who doesn’t have time to fuss much but also doesn’t want to look like a frazzled mom of two kids. By following her recommendations and changing my habits, not only has my hair gotten stronger and healthier (even through a pregnancy and postpartum hair loss), it’s gotten easier to style. In addition to helping me change my hair care routine, she’s also given me real-life-friendly styling tips that allow me to do it myself better than I’ve ever been able to (her Instagram highlights are just 🙌🏼). Before I found her I was a slave to the messy bun because my hair just wouldn’t do what it was told. For the first time in my life I can wake up, toss it around a little, put a little product in, and leave the house feeling confidently put together. I cannot recommend her highly enough; she is an expert in her craft and I never leave less than thrilled with how my hair looks and feels. 

Caitlin B.